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Be Unapologetically Fierce!

Do you ever wonder why people feel the need to apologize or downplay their success? I hear people say “I don't mean to brag but...,” or “Not to sound like I’m boasting but....”

Why is it that successful people feel they can’t shout their excitement about their accomplishments from the rooftop? Sadly, more often, I see this behavior among women.

Women are taught to be followers. In the workplace and in the household, it’s always been a “woman’s role” to be the supporter. The cheerleader. A person on the sidelines - encouraging and uplifting others when they win. But now that women are achieving just as much success, or in some cases becoming more successful than their male counterparts, they sometimes feel compelled to apologize in advance for their accomplishments.

NO! WHY? STOP! There is never a need for you to hide the fact that you worked your butt off to reach the level of success you’ve attained. Stop allowing people to make you feel guilty for winning! WIN ON PURPOSE!

In sports, the winners in the game never apologize to the losing opponents for their WIN! Learn to accept your WINS, be intentional with your goals and be unapologetically fierce! Be confident and proud of your accomplishments! God favored you so never shy away from your victory!

Date: August 3, 2020

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