Here’s her story…  


She was born and raised in Jacksonville, F.L. to Jerome Alexander (deceased) and Eara Simpson. She is the youngest of four siblings. In 2011, she married her best friend, Brian Cole, and became a bonus-mom to her step-son, Bricen. In addition to running several successful businesses and keeping her family on track daily, she also provides business advice and counsel to her family members and best friends, who are all business owners and entrepreneurs! Earica contributes all of her success to her faith in God. Her Christian beliefs and walk with God has been the unwavering testament to her success. She’s a true believer that with HIM, all things are possible!

Earica has a B.S. in Marketing and Business Management, as well as a Project Management Certification. Additionally, she is a certified Adult-Learning Director and a certified Sales and Service Director. She has held several upper management and executive roles in the corporate world since 2002. In 2017, she took a leap of faith and joined a well-known multi-level sales and marketing company. Within five months, she rose to the top .1% of the organization! She holds the highest rank and is the fastest ranking in the organization's history. Yes, she wears many, many hats – including conducting presentations on the topics of Effective Money Management and General Financial Health and Wellness. 


She is decisive and intentional in all of her business endeavors and is completely uninterested in excuses of any kind. Because of her work ethic, drive to succeed and vast experience in so many varying areas, some people may say she is overly competitive, but she, along with those who know her best, would call it confident! Yes, Earica may be competitive – but what’s life without a little spice and healthy competition? Although she’s never personally played sports, she loves basketball and football. She loves to WIN – and be associated with WINNERS! It is that winning spirit that makes Earica never afraid to take risks.


In fact, she only takes the biggest risks – which have all led to the greatest rewards!

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Earica Cole:  

• Renowned Public Speaker 

• Accomplished and Award-Winning Businesswoman 

• Talented Team Leader 

• Expert in Sales and Service Implementation and Processes 

• Adept in Financial Literacy and Wellness Applications  

• Advocate for Social Causes 

She is the Founder and CEO of both Earica Cole, LLC and The $5 Bling Bosses. Additionally, she is the highest-ranking African-American woman in a well-known, multi-level sales and marketing company, making Earica Cole one of the business world’s most decorated, extraordinary and unforgettable talents!