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Broken Pieces Created My Purpose by Earica Alexander Cole is a paragon of someone who rises above second, third, and fourth chances to live their best life. After being diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at age 5, the doctors predicted that she would never live a care-free, normal life that most children are able to or work a full-time job. Earica and her parents were informed that she may not even live past the age of forty based on the statistics during that time for sickle cell anemia patients.


At age forty-five, Earica has defied all odds, and proven the doctors wrong. She thrived after enduring many hospital stays, painful crisis, and concerned parents. She recovered from a failed marriage, bankruptcy, encountered racism, toxic and tumultuous relationships, and even survived through Hurricane Katrina with the same willpower she uses to stay healthy and live a normal life.


In this book, Earica is sharing her journey in an honest and captivating manner. Broken Pieces Created My Purpose is filled with the author's compelling experiences, in her family and professional life. These experiences led her to become a trailblazer in Corporate America, start her own businesses and become a multi-millionaire. Not only is she telling her story, but she is also offering invaluable tips and advice, in this book and within her Self-Guided Journal to Healing Your Broken Pieces, which will help you rebuild the broken pieces in your life so that you too can soar.

Bundle (Book and Journal)

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